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Monday 19th July 2021 – whether you consider this to be ‘Freedom Day’ or ‘Fear Day’ what will be different at your next eye exam? In Short, NOT A LOT!

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About Us

Bridle Eyecare is able to offer a range of examinations from the most basic NHS eye test (for those eligible) through to our fully comprehensive eye examination including digital retinal screening and OCT imaging. Call now to book an appointment at our opticians in Theale on 0118 930 2312.


At Bridle Eyecare we make it our aim to give each one of you the individual care and attention you need. To help us do this to our best it is so valuable to hear back from you.

Of course we are greatly encouraged by praise and positive reviews, it's what inspires us to continue providing an excellent service but it is equally important to hear your criticism of anything that disappointed you. It gives us the opportunity to put it right.

Please click on any one of the review links below. We would love to hear from you.

How to buy our products

At Bridle EyeCare we’re here to help you love it. We want you to positively enjoy both choosing and wearing your glasses – yes, even if they are ‘just reading glasses’.

The perfect frame for you is one that:


  • Suits your face shape
  • Is a good colour for you
  • Feels comfortable
  • Is suitable for your prescription
  • Fits well
  • Makes you feel good about your appearance