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Tired of wearing glasses?

If you would like the flexibility of choosing between contact lenses and glasses, let Bridle Eyecare Ltd help. We are here to help you decide if contact lenses are right for you.

Contact lens assessment

We are here to help you decide if contact lenses are right for you and to discuss the various options in relation to your spectacle prescription and the type of wear you are expecting from the contact lenses. i.e will they be used just for social occasions, for specific sports or for all day/every day use. 

Contact Lens Trial

We will check to ensure your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. If they are we will provide you with a trial pair, helping you put them in and giving you time to see what you think.

Once you are comfortable with your lenses we will provide all the necessary advice and aftercare you'll need to be happy with your new lenses.

On the day of the trial your first appointment will cover:

Assessing the general health of your eyes, measuring the front surface of your eyes and then teaching you to insert the appropriate contact lenses. You then go away (feeling very pleased with yourself) for up to 3 hours to trial the lenses.

The return appointment will cover:

Checking and modifying the power of the lenses to give the best possible vision, checking the fit of the lenses and then teaching you how to remove your lenses. A final check is then made to confirm that your eyes still look healthy after having worn lenses. Provided you are happy with everything, lenses are ordered including some extra free trial lenses, and your next appointment will be the collection when you will continue to practice ‘getting in’, ‘getting out’ and how to look after lenses. At this point you will be advised how frequently you should return for after care appointments.

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