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Covid-19 Shut Down Guidance

Since we opened the practice in 2008 Bridle  EyeCare has always put it’s patients needs first. With this policy and the recent government guidelines, we will be closing our practice from Tuesday 24th March.

 This means that face to face appointments will be limited to ocular emergencies only and any other problems, questions or concerns being dealt with either by phone or email.

Phone Consultations: 0737 593 6008  Monday – Friday 10.00hrs to 16.00hrs  




  • SUDDEN and /or SEVERE  drop in vision.
  • Painful red eye.
  • Sudden NUMEROUS floaters (i.e too many to count )  with flashing lights OR
  • a floater so large you can’t see the other side of it.
  • Straight lines suddenly appearing wavy/bumpy.


Other urgent situations may be – if you are a key worker needing to drive and you have lost or broken your only driving glasses we will either replace your glasses if appropriate or arrange a sight test.


Regular supply of contact lenses through our DD scheme. Under this emergency situation this will continue even if you are slightly overdue an appointment.

Replacement/supply of spectacles to your current prescription – some of our frame suppliers display their entire catalogue via our website and we can still continue to give you dispensing advice.

Wherever possible we will try to repair broken spectacles – simply post them to us and we will advise what can be done.

If you need contact lens solutions/eye drops/macushield or other eyecare products these can either be posted or, if you live locally, delivered to you.

Apart from that, Cheryl, Helen Les and Janet would like to take this opportunity to wish  good health to you and your loved ones and that you may even find some benefits come from this enforced break.