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If this is your first eye examination with us then we would certainly advise you to have the comprehensive eye test. It also is the exam we would consider to be routine. The retinal photograph gives us a permanent image of the back of your eye and the OCT does a digital scan of the deeper layers of the retina. This enables us to compare your eyes with the norm for your age group and to detect subtle differences from one visit to the next.

Extended Eye Exam

This gives us the opportunity to take a retinal photograph so that we have a permanent image which can always be referred to again later.

Enhanced Eye Exam.

This is particularly for people who have a known eye condition that needs monitoring such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes or other vascular disease. This would involve a more detailed investigation into a specific area of concern.

Today these may seem like extras – tomorrow they will be the norm.

Basic Eye Exam

As you will see, a lot IS covered in the basic eye test. But it was a standard that was set up over 30yrs ago as the minimum legal requirement that any optometrist must cover in an eye exam. Needless to say, technology in the consulting room has moved on considerably since then making it so much easier to take care of your eyes for the future.

NHS Eye Tests

You would qualify for an NHS sight test if:

  • You are 16 or under
  • You are 16-18 and in full time education
  • You are 60 or over
  • You are registered as partially sighted
  • You have certain medical conditions
  • You are in receipt of certain benefits
     NHS Extended Comprehensive Enhanced
Determine prescription and assess visual acuity      
Assessment of ocular muscle balance     
Visual field screening       
Measurement of IOP (Age 30 plus)         
Slit lamp examination of external surfaces         
Ophthalmoscopic examination of internal surfaces       
Digital retinal photography         
OCT screening of retina         
Detailed OCT imaging of areas of concern