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At Bridle EyeCare children’s eye tests are FUN! - even the Optician thinks so! Almost all children thoroughly enjoy the eye test and can’t wait for the next one.

It is quite different from the adult’s eye test and is tailor made to suit your child’s age, development and needs. We have a fun test chart with pictures, lower case letters and numbers – all to make it interesting and easy.

They even get to try on the ‘magic’ glasses so that we can assess their 3D vision. Also, with boys in particular, it is important to check their colour vision as young as possible. Don't you just wish you were a child again?

If your child does need glasses it is quite common to have a check up every six months, otherwise a year would be a normal interval. For children under three, if you suspect there may be a problem we would normally advise referral to the hospital eye clinic via your GP. But do please come in and discuss your concerns with us.

For children's eye tests we are based in Theale near Newbury, Reading, Calcot and Pangbourne. Call us today on 0118 930 2312